Tom Harte Testifies before US Senate

July 7th, 2015 by Thomas Harte

On July 7th, 2015, Tom Harte, the president of Landmark Benefits, was extended an exclusive invitation as the only employee benefits broker in the United States to participate in a round table discussion, convened by Senator Enzi and Senator Sanders, regarding the challenges facing small businesses and their efforts to offer affordable and high-quality health care for their employees. In addition to Mr. Harte, the subcommittee invited two small business owners, James Scott of Applied Policy in Alexandria, VA and Kelly Conklin, owner of an architectural woodworking firm in Kenilworth, NJ, as well as Sabrina Corlette, senior research fellow and project director at Georgetown University.

The link to the video is below for your reference; however, Tom’s testimony conveyed the challenges expressed by the clients of Landmark Benefits with regard to the 30-Hour rule, employer mandate, premium increases, taxes, fees, limited networks, and much more. Senator Enzi requested the panel continue for a period of two hours as the details and information were very helpful toward determining the best solutions to address the continued challenges with health care and health insurance.

The discussion addressed a wide range of issues and challenges that small businesses are encountering, from the Affordable Care Act’s SHOP marketplaces to the trials of list billing, and the definition of “small group market”.


Click here to watch theĀ Video


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