Tom Harte featured on Fox News Special Report

August 8th, 2014 by Thomas Harte

UnknownBrett Baier Reports: “Live Free or Die: Obamacare in New Hampshire”

Tom Harte, president and owner of Landmark Benefits, was featured on an hour long Fox News Special over the weekend reporting on Health Care Reform in New Hampshire. Brett Baier investigates the Affordable Care Act and the impact on individuals and businesses. During this special report, Tom Harte provides insight about how the clients of Landmark Benefits and their employees are dealing with healthcare reform in their workforce.

Also featured is a long time, loyal client of Landmark Benefits, COED Sportswear. During this segment, the president of COED Sportswear, Mark Lane, outlined the challenges of providing health insurance in a post health care reform marketplace. Additionally, several of COED’s employees shared their experience regarding the attempted access to health insurance on

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