Your employees need to understand their benefits in order to be wise consumers. We have the resources to help you overcome all of your communication challenges and educate your employees on their benefit options so they can make informed decisions. Landmark Benefits provides a variety of tools designed to promote a greater understanding of healthcare benefits, health savings products, legislative changes, program offerings, and wellness promotions. Our custom communications are designed to not only educate employees but also to assist HR Departments with the ever-changing healthcare reform topics, compliance regulations, and COBRA rules. We offer all materials in both paper form and electronically.

HR Department materials:

  • Landmark Benefits Newsflash
  • Legislative briefs
  • Electronic notifications

Employee Education resources:

  • Live Well, Work Well Newsletter
  • Open enrollment notifications and documents
  • Benefits newsletters
  • Custom designed payroll stuffers, posters, and flyers
  • Wellness promotion collateral

Our Communications staff is happy to develop completely customized material to support your company’s communications needs.

Call us today at (603) 437-4570 to learn more about our Communications services and how we can help your company.

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