About Us

Landmark is an employee benefits broker providing health, dental, and disability insurance  to clients throughout New England. As a licensed consulting firm, our group of dedicated brokers specialize in the design and implementation of employee benefits programs.

Landmark Benefits was built on the belief that providing exceptional service is of the utmost importance.

We strive to not only provide our clients with the highest quality service, but to challenge ourselves to bring our clients a level of service that is unmatched throughout the industry.

Our Mission:

  • Design, implement, and manage comprehensive employee benefits programs that enable employers to protect and better serve their employees.
  • Foster the development of customer loyalty through exceptional customer service, value-added services, and innovative solutions to manage the costs associated with employee insurance benefits.
  • Assemble a professional, energetic, and caring team of employees and provide a workplace environment that promotes personal growth, forward-thinking, and fun.

Landmark will partner with your company to create a comprehensive plan to help increase employee health, while helping to manage the costs associated with group health insurance premiums and employee benefits programs.

At Landmark, we use a proven four-step process to help ensure success for each of our clients.

  1. Define the Objectives: Landmark will help you establish realistic and measurable objectives to help you reach your one, three, and five year goals which is a critical part of the overall success.
  2. Implement Comprehensive Wellness Programs: Landmark will provide consultation, design, and implementation of your workplace wellness initiatives.
  3. Integrate Landmark Management Tools and Services: Utilizing online tools and services, Landmark will help streamline efficiencies, reduce related work loads, and reduce overall operating costs.
  4. Evaluate Performance: Landmark will help you evaluate your progress toward your goals and objectives while providing guidance and advice.
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